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Emerging from Amaechi Uzoigwe's Ozone collective (Anti-Pop Consortium, Company Flow, Mike Ladd, Mr Lif, Saul Williams), Sonic Sum has developed a unique formula which brought hip-hop to still unknown areas and level. Straight from the Bronx, the band features 2 Dj's / Producers, Fred Ones and Jun aka Preservation, Eric MO on bass, and the talents of MC / producer Rob Sonic, later Def Jux solo artist and half part of Hail Mary Mallon beside Aesop Rock.

Influenced by Kraftwerk, Public Enemy or Led Zeppelin, Sonic Sum worked out the perfect alchemy between musicality and lyricism, abstraction and retrofuturism.

Originaly released in 2004 on CD by japanese imprint Tri-Eight Music, then by Def Jux in 2008, a night on canopy records is proud to release for the very first time on 2LP remastered vinyl "Films", their follow up album to 2000's critically acclaimed debut "The Sanity Annex".

Paintings by Klaus Bürgle.
Remastered by Benjamin Joubert.


released September 21, 2015

Rob Sonic, Fred Ones, Eric MO, Dj Jun / Preservation, TME Pro


all rights reserved



A NIGHT ON CANOPY Rennes, France

a night on canopy is a DIY label dedicated to alternative rap and Hip-Hop on vinyl and cassettes : Beans (Anti-Pop Consortium), Sonic Sum, Elucid, Dre Trav, Electric Egypt, Kunga 219, Koshface Jackson, Monte Smith, As Valet...

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Track Name: Oscillator
Interrupter interceptor on the fritz
Ritz of passage military binge on plasma
Hypnotic so we've lost it
Sober by redefining laments terms as black out and no generator
Autopsy turvy cadence raising rent on utility closets
Collective degenerates defaming Idea men's deposits
Having a go at razor wire double Dutch And Frisbee
Toss with saw blades
Where all stayed for the health watch but came
For the cotton candy
On the sandy Rotten normalcy's we've informally gotten handy
At handling loss and straddling fences
With the accuracy of blind pilots trying desperately to thread the needles eyelet in a dark room
I can sense the climate here would be better
Suited for vegetation If it weren't for the radiation

Moons perpetual insured against collision
Calcium with Draw on either side of life
Knife edge collecting group support
In short of finding out the directions
From your insides To the equator
Thick with desolation brain stationary craters
And ladders that lead to no where
Staring Into space they've Erased our imagery
To limit the curiosity
Put a two drink Minimum on time lock
So l'm rocked before I get there
And when does not exist its all just yen and lira
Sharpel tunnel syndrome causing our flows to veer
Across the double yellow rinse and run the risk of someone
Appreciating your patronage
To the last chapter of today's Mechanics
After a standard bout with pneumonia the minutes
Seem to straighten out
Track Name: Moth
Here is where a simple structure is institution
Touring indecisive decalogue, A hammock grant
A ceramic man, fractal bacteria appearing in malls
Across America this is zinc cathartic, high risk our art
Consecutive 6 on a one sided die you can bank on your
Magnus of terms that crawl empty et all attention set
Called on account of regret and dim sun afflicted dorsal finish
A portal to reach when your Orville rights, get shot full of
Holes optional goal Knit 7 pearl 3 ships a shape you conformed
Your name can be worn when your racing yourself I'm bracing
Against a fence around the insubordinate this chariot of glass
Got the co ordinance for being born under the sign of the
Unfortunate, a mule like me adopted morose and
Opted for close third kind odyssey 2010
From the medulla till it echoes like the bunny men

This kind of likeness warped
The only one constant is that some content
Lives via life support yet only some
Confirm to go beyond burned

The following is flush with control and restrict self control
Got ignored in the stored stimulus a 4 limit risk taboo's and
Mad lunatics, veto daft in moderation just block the stations
That warn me with tests but they bore me to death, so it
Cancels it out my uninterest got me ready to administer
Reflex hammers and water drips, just a flea left stammered
In a broad ellipse doing 30 odd sprint l super conduct at you
Who construct back hand smart chips, marked my path
Non sequitur with well parked cars and long lecturers
Who's plethora of drafts can enlist you for the post modern
Pre-requisite and see next to it, that's the utopian society
A play that never wrote me in
Track Name: Choking Victim
Advice lighting track lightening stills
Breaking into hours ago draw in
Saw sin rotary grow to be raw skin
Showing off tin stars spurs and bed sheets
Turn said followers to new age chumps
Serving set needle head steeple chaser
Wash down mothers milk and other filthy Thoughts
Squat beneath the great electricity
Make pensivity 34 streets
Tour activity and murder more meat
Gel rigged and hitched configured switch
In the midst of somber arrows safe for
Men with out hats and dens with out mortars
Whys that recorder that's supposed to be on traffic
Facing you, facing you
Toward a stage of nothingness
Console console
Count bells counsel me things I won't use
Luge like used bike whose night was that
Cause I can't remember nothing but I take it
All back
Refund arranger rickshaw drive way install
Cranes but till it' s all sideways
L.D. I see over thick rims low brow
Mighty and the choking victims
So how might we close open systems ?


Dislodge distill
Quit job sit still
Blame it all on your head
The sharpest tool in the shed
If not this will
Still watch it fill
With rain that's falling instead
Obtain drawing of set

Misquote price soaked in precise Numeric
Order out takes bow breaks and plague
Posies migs slowly move show me two or more examples
Of commerative stampedes in honor of getting trampled
Me sitting cramped flanked by my forget its
Reminding you of how much better someone else
Said it
Finding out the only car to rent with out credit is
The madness wagon two door stretched out Lex Luther
Use your highly chosen risked
Limb for low brow mighty and the choking victim
So how might we close open systems ?

Repeat chorus
Track Name: Rocket
Funnel funding visionary tunneling
Dysentery carriage undercoat non linear
Non conducting sera bellies rut
Truth quitting problem fitting into loosely cut
Paralyze accounts when the solitude solves
Blue screen stands to loose here Vienna calls
Dark sienna false parts me and my pulse
Gasket face the task of entirety mulch
Lever detour stacked a hypochond reacting
To the noise with a less than applicable tacked
Backed up by fad rituals had visuals
But lacked euphoria not to be out done
Do astronauts carry guns and is falling
Down habitual ?
Morse aspect blown broken glass check
Fixed cantanker run aground anchored
And thank the attendant for the run around

Like minded motors in a dead social order
You try to soak the water and you eat when you can
Flight data recorders
Count out live to break through till then
Chain letter smoker with a stained better purpose
With a straight set of circles that turned snake in the end
Flight data recorders
Count out live to break through till then

Leverage and input deception deliverance
Seren dipped in acid getting tare and ripped away
Equipment faulty address lost chough for r/x
Cognizant jog the memory lap
Testing for body resistance miniatures render
The discus spinature into a cancer patients
Progress signature
With mod art of mag lights match made limiter
Stress sight of religious television for a purpose
Like lowered motivation through project gain reduction
Now that you've read your life aloud to leave with dignity
Keep fewer Klondike setting on the road to better health
Just remind me that I'm to short to reach the stuff on the
Top shelf
Its half full pessimism third generation enable propane
Sent for duration stabler than ken operation table co-pay
No way out since my down stroke broke into thirds

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Chopper One Slow
Lunar Rover Lummox for
In accordance vapor tour
The insubordent raider more
Likely to be dumbfound
Tuned the lower notes of wreck
Like a violent monothesis sect
Stranger days your hit with sticks
Until I find the correct drumbsounds
I punched you out like a ballad fix
Cause smith does more that weather strip
Quit structure you'll never fit this square peg
Into a round hole
You tried to invade my space so I occupied
Your mind with hate it was the one time only offer
Of your shit belief inoculate
Do not touch the dead stock pitch
The only things we share are accidents
And the erratic way l juggle the metric ton
Is non ot which you should concern your self
Smoking in a gas tank and soaking in the sun
Your drink is radioactive and you actually
Think just being here is fun
Nebula rain andromeda strain like growth
And all that's been repeated echoes of the report
Leave me sorted out to be completed

New speed fix gravity
Even now everything means your enemy
New speed fix gravity
Even now everything means your enemy

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